Mt. Nebo Water Agency

Mt. Nebo Water Agency works to protect and preserve precious water resources for the benefit of present and future agricultural, residential, municipal, and industrial users, and to plan for water supplies needed to sustain population growth and economic expansion within the Agency boundaries.

MNWA Purposes

Section 3 of the Interlocal Agreement states:

A. The purposes of the Agency are to:

  1. plan, design, develop, construct, own and/or sponsor Projects and related Facilities;
  2. operate, administer, manage, repair and replace the same, as necessary;
  3. facilitate the transfer and distribution of Agricultural Water and Municipal Water to its Members and to Non-Member Contracting Entities for delivery to their respective customers, shareholders, and contracting parties;
  4. enjoy economies of scale and other benefits made possible through the joint and cooperative action of the Members; and
  5. prepare, update, and implement an Agricultural Water preservation plan for agricultural areas in the Agency Service Area.

MNWA Background

Founding Members
  • Utah County
  • Payson City
  • Salem City
  • Spanish Fork City
  • Central Utah Water Conservancy District
  • Goshen Valley Local District
  • Santaquin City
  • Genola
Represented through contract
  • Strawberry High Line Canal Company

Regional Water Supply Study Phase II

Final Report

**Adopted by Board June 17th, 2019**